Chicagoland Photos

July 15, 2008

Here are some photos of when I got down to the track at Chicagoland. It’s in Joliet, Illinois.  Below is an what the food tent looks like. It’s a pretty bad picture but I couldn’t get it off this post, so I’ll tell you about it anyway:) The craft services folks are awesome. They put out a huge spread for all of the broadcasting teams and its a ton of people they have to feed. Literally, they have a huge selection including a milkshake man in the afternoons sometimes but if you think about it, a lot of the positions, like directors, producers, etc never leave the compound so they have to rely on this stuff to fill ’em up.


This below is our TNT featherlite in the TV compound. These golf carts are how we get around. Runners drive us back and forth to the infield when we have to go and inside of that white tent is where our wardrobe containers are. Inside of the featherlite is where Kristin, our coordinator works out of. She keeps everything up and running during the race weekend.


This is a look at the press room as we were waiting for Tony Stewart to come in and talk about his decision to leave Gibbs racing at the end of the season and go to Stewart Haas racing. At the end of the press conference, when he was done, he asked us to hold on a minute and then took a moment to thank the media for being patient with him while he went through this process. I thought it was pretty classy.


Below – this looked like the end of the world. I was terrified…see that black cloud on the horizon, well Friday right at the end of practice, this huge storm front rolled in. It was so frightening. This is a shot from the infield.. it poured so much and I hopped in my rental car to try to leave and beat the storm. I got caught right in it, ran over a cone like a spaz and then carried the cone about 20 feet in the driving rain. Families were running with their children dragging behind drenched trying to find their way to a safe place.. finally, it passed. When I was driving out of the track through the tunnel, I saw the country singer, Blake Shelton and his girlfriend Miranda Lambert on the back of a golf cart driving in b/c they were performing. I would’ve snapped a photo but I had to drive.


Below – this is an outside view of the Chicago racetrack. Pretty nice… in the midst of cornfields with corn stalks about as tall as me (I measured while I was running one morning)


Below…. I’m sorry Jeff Gordon fans… this was hilarious! It was a tent full of Dale Jr. fans and they dressed up Gordon with a coconut bikini top and a grass skirt.. I thought it was so funny, I had to show you.


Check this out below…how fans get around in Chicago. I love the tractor… my Aunt and Unlce live on a farm in PA and I know my Uncle Terry would love to drive this.


I love this picture..its what we do during practice. See the man in the green shirt and khakis..that’s Matt Yocum, my fellow pit reporter who was working this practice. He’s right between Jeff Burton and Dale Earnhardt Jr’s garage stalls listening to what they’re teams are saying .. you can see the crew working on Jr.’s car on the right.

This pic below is nice – it’s the crew chiefs on top of their haulers during the practice. They run back and forth, up and down off their haulers watching the cars go around and then going into the garage to talk to their crews.


This is my vantage point from inside the garage stall that Clint Bowyer’s team was working out of.


Here’s an action photo of the crews in the garage area wheeling tires and running to their really is hectic in here but it is so much fun I can’t even explain it… the noises and the smell of the sounds weird but you’d like it too… I promise.


Thats it for these photos. I’ll keep you posted on more NASCAR stuff but until then, cheers!


One Response to “Chicagoland Photos”

  1. Nils said

    You really get a flavor for the Chicago race. I bet since they only get one a year there–they probably make a big deal of it there. That storm picture was awesome–The clouds looked so low to the ground on the horizon.

    Running is great, it gets you out in to where real things happen. Although when I was in college I used to hate running outside of town, because so many country folk let their dogs run wild, and in my direction. Nothing worse than seeing some fangs from a K-9.

    Thanks for sharing the photos.

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