A Trip To Wrigley Field

July 15, 2008

These are a little late, but I wanted to post them anyway.. this is from Wednesday night when I got into Chicago.. I went straight to Wrigley field to join Juan Pablo Montoya and his crew chief because they were there to sing “Take me out to the ballgame”. I had never been there before and it was awesome.


Below, this is Brian Pattie (Juan’s crew chief on the left) and Juan Pablo Montoya on the right. Brian just became Juan’s crew chief about a month ago. Juan has been through 3 different crew chiefs in 6 weeks and things seem to be working for these two.. Brian felt like even things like this outing to Wrigley can help them out with their chemistry. The biggest difference for Juan,as he told me, was that in Indy car and other series, its much more individual whereas in NASCAR, you get out of your cars and share information with your teammates and crew chief… in the other series, your teammates are more your direct competitors and so Juan has adjusted to being more open and is enjoying that, too. He lives in Miami in his offseason and loves it.
Below is my photographer, Skip, in the navy shirt following Juan into the broadcasters booth where he and Brian were going to sing. Brian had the words to the song emailed to him on his blackberry so he woudln’t forget. They did a good job but they were about a half a verse behind..
Below is what it looked like from their vantage point.. everyone from the crowd was staring in at them as they were singing.
Wrigley was so cool – on my way out, a little kid came up and thanked Juan for wrecking Kyle Busch a week earlier… crazy.

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