July 10, 2008

Hey there.. just got to my hotel room in Chicago. This is our last TNT race for the summer. I’m bummed. I’m excited to get back into the groove fulltime in DC but this means a lot to me and its weird how fast time has flown.. but, there is still another race and a huge announcement from Tony Stewart tomorrow. I’m surprised that Tony is announcing his move next season to Haas racing this week, but I’m thankful that we will be able to cover it. I’m interested to hear the press conference tomorrow and will file a report from here for our station in DC so that you guys get the information. I would imagine this is quite a relief to get this done for Stewart.  I have a heck of a lot of respect for him and if he’s getting the resources he needs to do this venture as part owner, driver, then I don’t think its an awful move.

My first practice tomorrow is at 4pm Chicago time but I’m going to get there to hear the news conference and to gather some info at the track. Tonight, was a lot of fun. I landed at 6 and went over to Wrigley field (my first time there and it was awesome). The reason I was there was because Juan Pablo Montoya and his crew chief, Brian Pattie were singing “Take me out to the Ballgame”.  It was hilarious. First of all, Brian had the lyrics emailed from someone on his blackberry so he wouldn’t forget them. Juan said that its his second year doing it which is great, but he said the toughest part is that the song, once you are singing it, is so long that it feels like you are on stage forever. The guys were good, they were a couple seconds behind, but they deserve credit for effort:) 

Listen to this, though.. since Juan had the incident with Kyle Busch at New Hampshire where he spun him out, he has gotten countless praise from fans… he told me that he got more cheers for that than he did when he won back at Sonoma in 2007. It says a lot about how fans feel right now about Kyle. But the funny thing was, we were walking back down to the suite they were watching from and a little boy came up to Juan for his autograph.. he told him he made his dream come true and what the little boy meant was because of what Juan did to Kyle Busch. Gotta love the passion of a NASCAR fan.  Juan Pablo Montoya is a very open, energetic guy that is not worried about saying what he thinks. He’s like the driver that you see on the track. This is a big weekend for him and his team at Chicago because his sponsor, Wrigley, is based here and also because this starts a stretch where he really needs to make a push. Right now, I’m making a push for my bed because I’m very tired so i’ll write more tomorrow.  Tune in tomorrow to NBC 4 at 6 and I’ll have something from Chicago!




2 Responses to “Chicagoland”

  1. Amy said

    Lots of compliments on your interview with Dale Jr today during practice, he seems very much at ease with you and that is very appreciated by his fans. Seems some have gone so far as to say he has a crush on you.

    Keep up the great work, so much of your personality comes through in your interviews!

  2. JD said

    Ya done good, Lindsay. Amy’s right in that you are exceptional at getting drivers and garage guys to tell ‘their innermost thots’.

    Catch you all the time on NBC4 Sports and luv your enthusiasm and product. Keep up the great work gal. Any chance you’ll be doing more NASCAR TV work in the future???


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