DAYTONA Thursday

July 3, 2008

Did you know the original Steak N Shake was based here in Daytona? I just found that out b/c I was at my hotel across from the racetrack and I was grabbing a bite to eat and Glenn Jarrett, Dale’s older brother, was having breakfast as well and he was telling us stories about the old days of Daytona and how everytime he comes here, Steak N Shake is one of his “must have” stops.  I really love being down here because of the beach and track but also because of the racing history that is all over the place. I got in late last night (very late last night) but it was a nice drive and didn’t really matter. The first thing I do when I get in my rental car is scan for a country station (sort of puts me in the NASCAR mood) so I was rocking out to keep myself alert. (good thing it was pitch black outside)

Anyway, its 10:45 in the morning and I’m getting ready to head on over to the track which is a stones throw from my hotel. Our practice today is at 4p and then the final practice is at 7. This morning, I shot another story for this weekend’s race coverage. It was so cool – I know I say this about every one we get to do but this really meant a lot to me. My story this Sunday is about Roy McCauley, crew chief for the defending Daytona 500 champion 12 team of driver Ryan Newman. I am telling the story of Roy’s Daytona win as crew chief and how it capped off one of the most trying years of life, learning his wife Amy, had leukemia..its very ironic because she was diagnosed the day after the 500 in 2007 and after a year of stepping aside as Kurt Busch’s crew chief, supporting her through the challenges and then coming back to team up with Ryan Newman, the two of them won their first Cup race together. (the Daytona 500)

Anyway, this morning, we went to the Daytona Experience museum at the racetrack and did the interview by the car Ryan Newman won with at the 500. It was the first time Roy had been back to look at it since they put it in the museum the Monday morning after the race. Its really cool because they aren’t allowed to touch the car so its literally rolled right into the main display room and still stands with all of the dried gatorade and confetti and grass in the tires that was there from the night they won in February. Roy was checking out different areas of the car and that was neat to watch – I’m looking forward to seeing who is feeling good about what they have today in practice.  I will write more later and post the pics I took soon!




One Response to “DAYTONA Thursday”

  1. JDCunningham said

    Original Steak n Shake–1934,Normal Illinois.

    But who cares, the Milkshakes rock! I like the chicken melt! I have one a block away from my apt. here in Kansas City. Closest one to the Kansas Track is;
    9500 N E Barry Road I-35, Exit 16
    Kansas City, MO 64157
    Faxasak 816-407-1009

    I don’t have a press pass, but I have tickets so if you’re really hurting for a fix I can hand it off from the fan zone on Friday!

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