New Hampshire..Saturday

June 28, 2008


Its been an interesting day so far. I got here to the track at 7am because I was reporting for the first Sprint Cup practice this morning. I love morning in the garage when things are just getting going. Crew members for the different teams are running around getting stuff ready for practice, some of the coach drivers are making breakfast outside of the doors that lead to their trucks. Its always an interesting combination of sights and smells.  Practice itself, is usually fun and action packed. My job is to roam the garage area and pay attention to where the cars are running and then when drivers bring their cars into the garage to change something or go to a different setup, that’s when I report what they’re doing and what the teams are saying. I do this by scanning on my radio and listening to the teams. All of us pit reporters also have “pit spotters”. Mine is Jen – she’s great and a ton of help and what she does is run me notes as she scans the various drivers that I can’t take care of while I’m focusing on the leader. I use her doing the race and also during qualifying and practices. Today, I was on the side of the garage with Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex, Jr. and Ryan Newman, etc. Kevin’s car was so good that he got out of it with 20 minutes left in the first practice.


After practice, I had a ten minute break before I got my headset back on to report for Nationwide qualifying. It was cool because a lot of the Cup drivers were also running in that race so I was able to talk to them about their cars and do a little prep work for tomorrow. I’ll find out at our meeting today whose pits I will cover tomorrow. Its always fun finding out who you have – kind of luck of the draw. The funniest interview I did on pit road for qualifying was Patrick Carpentier – he qualified for the pole in the sprint cup series – his first career pole and when I asked him if he could get a sweep by earning the pole in the nationwide series today, he laughed and told me a short story about how awhile back,  he had bet someone that if he won a particular race, he would run naked down pit road and that’s exactly what he ended up doing. It was hilarious.


The quote of the day, however, came from Kyle Busch who was qualifying for his Nationwide car. After I interviewed him on camera, I asked him “off camera” how his cup car was.. he said it was awful. That they had made it a little better but he still needed a lot more. I joked that he was hard on his crew.  He said “why do you think I’ve won 5 races, my crew last year couldn’t take it.”      Wow. At least he’s direct.


I’m getting ready to go up to our meeting as our final practice winds down here. Right now, Juan Pablo Montoya’s the fastest… Dodge has been very dominant here this weekend. I’ll write more later.






2 Responses to “New Hampshire..Saturday”

  1. Karah said

    At least Kyle is honest about it! I just wish he would have said that on record.

  2. Eric said

    Great job this weekend! It’s nice to see our local sports anchor shine on a national level. It looks like you are having a great time at the tracks every week. You do a wonderful job when you are home too! Keep up the good work, and keep having fun!

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